Jordan Kamps started Bedrock Slingers in 2003 in northern Colorado with one stone slinger truck.  Jordan’s value of integrity, honesty and hard work have been transferred into his company which now continues to grow and provide outstanding customer service with great benefit for Bedrock’s customers in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico and Texas.

Bedrock Slingers is a company dedicated to the art of material placement and drainage systems.  Our goal as a company is to provide value to each customer we work with by saving them time, money and labor on every job we perform.  We strive to do quality work so that our customers want to continue to work with us, knowing they will receive true value through our best effort on each job.

We have invested in what we feel is the best conveyor technology on the market so that we can provide a service that places material further, faster and most accurately.
aboutus2We also install drainage systems around residential and commercial basements.  Water damage to any structure can come from drainage systems not installed correctly so it is crucial to get it right the first time.  Hundreds of general contractors, builders and excavators continue to have confidence that they will get an excellent service when they hire us to install their drainage systems.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you!


Bedrock Slingers has formed a  new division in 2009 called  Ground Solutions. The blower trucks push landscaping materials through a hose using compressed air.  It adds a new dimension for placing materials accurately on sites and allow us to provide more solutions for all your material placement needs!







Email: jordan@bedrockslingers.com