• Rock Placement

      We use specialized equipment called “stone slingers” to place aggregate, soil, sand, dirt, and road base in all types of applications.  This equipment allows us to deliver your material and place without the product touching the ground and accurately using our remote-driven trucks. We install gravel for residential home basements, place rock and road-base for large and small commercial buildings and handle laser-grading with an experienced labor team so there is no need to touch-up.  We install landscape rock up to 2-4” cobble, soil and compost for landscape projects or as soil amendment.

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    • Landscape Material

      Installation or delivery.  Please look at the many products we offer from Engineered Wood Fiber for playgrounds to rock  to mulch or cedar.  We can offer you wholesale pricing to deliver with an option to install with our labor and equipment.  Save time, money and keep your wheelbarrows away with this amazing technology!


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    • Unique Application

      Our equipment allows us to perform difficult and labor intensive jobs at a fraction of the cost and time!  Our conveyor trucks and blower trucks are able to help with things like beach restoration or refresh or filling in sandboxes.  Installation of soil in difficult to reach planter boxes or amendment for gardens or lawns.  We backfill utility trenches and handle roadside shoulder edging.  Asphalt or recycled concrete for driveways or tracking pads.  If you need material placement, we are usually the best option.


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